Yoga & CBD: Benefits of Using CBD with Yoga

Yoga and CBD can be a wonderfully-relaxing combination. CBD is known to bring both physical and mental healing, and when used with Yoga, can be the ultimate stress-reliever. We asked Yoga experts who use CBD to give us some insights on the benefits of using CBD and Yoga together.

Our Yoga Experts:

Jennifer Dixon – Director of Thrive Yoga

Jennifer DixonJennifer is the first (and only) authorized Ashtanga Yoga teacher in the Chattanooga, Tennessee Area. Founded in 2010, Thrive Yoga has over 30 classes per week with different yoga types, including Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Gentle or anything in between.



Darrin Zeer – Yoga Instructor & America’s Relaxation Expert

Darrin ZeerDarrin “Yogi-D” Zeer teaches CBD and Cannabis Yoga Retreats in the Colorado Rockies. His book High Yoga comes out July 9th.


Kitty Harris – Founder of Secret Stash

Kitty HarrisKatherine Harris has been practicing yoga for 8 years and has been coordinating/hosting cannabis-infused yoga events for almost 2 years. She recently became a certified Ganja Yoga instructor, becoming Colorado Springs First teacher to offer cannabis enhanced Yoga in her community. Cannabis and Yoga have played an important and helpful role in Kitty’s life and she is excited to continue to share her passion and knowledge on both.  




Our Questions:

What are the benefits of using CBD with Yoga?

Jennifer: CBD and Yoga are GREAT compliments. At their very core, they help to take away stress and anxiety. That’s why combining the two in a Restorative class has been a tremendous success for us at Thrive Yoga and Wellness. When you combine the use of a CBD tincture, or even topical, the student gets the benefits of the CBD –so the anti-anxiety, stress relief, pain relief, etc. and then the physical benefits of the yoga practice–sitting in complete stillness and comfort and practicing complete presence with oneself. It truly leads to a magical hour, where each person leaves feeling rejuvenated and magnificent.

Darrin: CBD and yoga work together synergistically to help relax your body and calm your mind. CBD assists the yoga to penetrate deeper into your body and yoga poses help CBD to absorb deeper into your body. These ancient sister medicines provide a powerful combination of physical healing and stress-relief. CBD in combination with yoga will help you have a deeper experience of this present moment, conscious breathing and enjoy the physical sensations of each yoga pose. Turn your yoga into a more mindful practice.

Kitty: CBD helps alleviate pain and tension within the body with such ease. When paired with yoga, CBD makes it easier for the body to release and for the student to relax into each posture. We hold on to that flight or fight mode without even realizing it so, supplementing CBD into your practice for just that alone would open many beneficial doors for related to health and the body.


When Should You Take CBD – Before, During, or After Yoga?

Jennifer: As a huge CBD advocate, can I take CBD before, during AND after yoga! I take CBD in the morning to help get things moving; I often wake up with stiffness is just par for the course as we age, so taking CBD when waking and then heading to the mat is a great combination. Depending on the practice, like a great relaxing restorative class, CBD during a yoga class is a great addition. Personally, if I am trying to go more physical with like a Power Yoga or Ashtanga session, I wouldn’t want to take anything to get me more relaxed, but CBD is AWESOME post-practice because it helps to reduce recovery time. Muscle soreness is common after a particularly challenging yoga class, and CBD post-practice is downright amazing at helping to reduce or even eliminate DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness.)

Darrin: My personal favorite is to apply CBD salve on my sore body parts and if I feel stressed, take a few drops of CBD tincture. I usually take my CBD medicinals just before my yoga practice. I find it helps me drop into my center and deepens the feeling of peace.

If I practice challenging yoga poses or do a more physically demanding yoga flow. It’s helpful to massage CBD massage oil or massage cream vigorously onto your neck, low back or wherever it tends to hurt. I apply CBD after my practice, and after my shower, so the CBD medicinal stays on my skin for as long as possible.

Kitty: Choosing when to dose CBD is all based on preference and the relationship you have with the plant. Everyone’s body and response are different. But my suggestion would be to experiment. Try a little before, maybe do some after, take it slow and be mindful of your enhanced state in each trial. It all depends on what your body is calling to you, but you can’t go wrong with CBD, it will help regardless when you choose to partake.


Are There CBD + Yoga Best Practices to Follow Get the Most out of Your Experience?

Jennifer: My best practice would be to use it! Whether you prefer to wait to take your CBD right before bed as a sleep aid, or first thing in the morning to get things moving– it’s just like your yoga practice; it’s best if done, and regularly. Everybody is going to be different in terms of how you respond to the supplement, so I suggest trying CBD at various times throughout your day and see what works best for you. The key is to practice, both your yoga and your supplementation, and find your homeostasis.

Darrin: I like to practice yoga therapeutically to relax and relieve soreness. A mindful practice is key with slow breath and movement. Holding the yoga poses longer seems to help the CBD treatments effectiveness. CBD yoga penetrates deeper into my body. I can shut out the busyness of the world and enjoy my yoga practice more. I feel high but naturally without any hangover like alcohol or THC. Restorative yoga and Yin yoga are the best styles if you desire deep relaxation. Also, this gentle CBD yoga practice is good for the evening before going to sleep. I think you will find the yoga stretches and CBD will assist you to fall asleep easier and sleep deeper. The first step, take your CBD treatment, then focus on your yoga and mindful breathing and create an intention to let the stress out of your body and clear your mind of busyness and to-dos. Create your own CBD yoga practice and observe the results and experiment with different CBD products.

Kitty: “Best Practices”  vary from each person and CBD supplemented into a yoga practice affects everyone differently. But regardless of whatever way you choose to supplement CBD into your practice, you will definitely reap the amazing health benefits it has to offer when paired with yoga.


We hope you enjoyed reading these tips about yoga and taking CBD! Now, it’s time for you to clear your head and give these tips a try. A special thank you to our contributors, Jennifer, Kitty & Darrin.