What to Know About CBD Massages (Insight From Massage Therapy Professionals)

CBD massages are services that massage therapists are starting to offer. There are many benefits to using CBD lotion for a massage. We had a few licensed massage therapists provide their input on the experience and what to expect.

Our Massage Experts:

Here are the experts we interviewed to get some more professional input on CBD massages:

Deisy Suarez - Desuar Spa

Deisy is founder and CEO of DESUAR Spa, which she opened in 2010. Located in Los Angeles, Desuar is a day spa dedicated to providing customers with high-end massage & skin care treatment. 





Zac Smith - Traveling Hands Massage

Zac SmithZac is CEO of Traveling Hands Massage, Southern California’s premier CBD and THC infused mobile massage company. With nearly 20 years in the spa industry, Zac launched Traveling Hands Massage in 2016.

Bruce Schoenberg - Oasis Day Spa

Bruce Schoenberg - Oasis Day SpaBruce is the owner of the award-winning Oasis Day Spa, which has been open as a brick-and-mortar business in New York City for the past 16 years.

Milan Baudelaire - Dandelion Massage

Milan Baudelaire - Dandelion MassageHailing from Minneapolis, MN, Milan has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2006. She is now the owner of Dandelion Massage Boston.



Our Questions:

What are the benefits of a CBD massage (this could be mental health benefits, physical health benefits or other benefits)?

Deisy: CBD helps alleviate sore muscles, inflammation, fibromyalgia, edema, chronic pain, insomnia, contact dermatitis, eczema arthritis, circulation, also helps with breakouts & soothes razor bumps; Has many psychological benefits like reducing anxiety or insomnia.

Zac: There are so many benefits to massage even without utilizing CBD. The most notable benefit to using CBD infused massage products would be the reduction in inflammation - When CB receptors are excited by cannabinoids, they trigger an anti-inflammatory reaction within the body. Most pain is related to inflammation. When we remove inflammation, pain tends to decrease or go away completely. We also notice significantly deeper levels of relaxation within the guest. People report being much calmer and able to sleep very well after a massage with CBD. It has also been shown to reduce post-exercise soreness in some of our clients. As far as mental benefits go, CBD helps with overall relaxation and an improved sense of well being.

Bruce: According to a review published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, studies found cannabinoids to have anti-inflammatory effects and to combat anxiety and depression among many other benefits. Massage in and of itself can help reduce stress and alleviate tension in the body, to add the benefits of CBD to the products being applied during massage only bolsters and enhances that benefit. Chronic conditions like tendonitis, arthritis, bursitis, and TMJ are all inflammatory disorders that can benefit from CBD applications and inflammation can be present in the body even without such a clear diagnosis.  

Milan: Nearly everyone knows the benefits of therapeutic massage therapy-- it provides relief from chronic muscle pain, reduces muscle tension, eliminates toxins, and improves circulation. Quality CBD products help manage inflammation, chronic pain, anxiety, and sleep issues. Massage therapy and CBD complement each other wonderfully! CBD adds a "boost" to the already awesome benefits of massage.

How are CBD massages different from regular massages?

Deisy: The difference is primarily the massage carrier. During a normal massage we will use regular massage oil for a nice gliding effect, but when doing a CBD massage we are using a high CBD content massage carrier that will infuse through the skin and help with a certain pain and other conditions. If a client has specific areas of concern we also focus the CBD usage in those problem areas to maximize the benefits.

Zac: There is no real difference so far as the technique goes. Just the usage of the CBD oil and the benefits that come with it as opposed to using another type of massage oil.

Bruce: CBD is an active ingredient found in many topical creams, gels, and lotions out on the market today.  A CBD massage would be performed with products containing that active ingredient. Due to the influx of these products hitting the market I would, however, caution the savvy consumer to ensure CBD products are coming from quality sources and are being used in potent enough concentrations to be effective.  

Milan: CBD oil doesn't change the technique of the massage, but in my experience, my clients tend to experience a deeper and longer-lasting relaxation in their muscles after a CBD treatment. I've tried a couple of CBD massages myself to determine whether there was some kind of placebo effect at play - after all, simply telling a client that I was using cannabidiol in the treatment may have played a part, but I definitely felt a difference! I think the process of physically kneading the oil into warmed, loosened muscle tissue is what carries it so efficiently into the circulatory system.

How regularly should you get a CBD massage?

Deisy: If you can afford it do it weekly. But I would suggest investing in a monthly professional therapeutic CBD massage. And supplement this by buying a CBD massage cream or oil salve to use at home as a daily rub for focus areas.


Zac: There is no such thing as too much massage. In a perfect world, everyone would get at least one hour of massage every couple of weeks. When dealing with a specific injury, more frequent, focused work is suggested, sometimes 1-3 sessions per week until the problem is addressed, from there, sessions would be spaced out on a case-by-case basis until recovery has been made.

Bruce: How often you should get a CBD massage really depends on why you're getting it.  I've always found an ideal routine for massage, in general, would be once per month.  More frequency could be warranted if the individual has a particularly stressful or physically taxing career and, of course, if you're treating a more chronic or acute condition scheduling a follow up sooner may be necessary.

Milan: Massage does its magic most efficiently when sessions are both consistent and frequent. It's kind of like going to the gym--you can't expect real results if your habit is to drop in sporadically throughout the year. I recommend my clients to get massage every two weeks, or monthly at the very outside. And if you're going to be getting massage that regularly, why not add a boost of CBD benefits to every session? That will definitely help prolong the effects of the treatment between appointments, making each massage far more valuable!